An iOS 8 makeover for the Notification Center.


System meters for the Control Center and Notification Center.


Bigger image bubbles for the Messages App.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Custom passcode alarm video.

FrontCam Un-Mirror

Flips the preview image from the front-facing camera.


Makes eBay app accept code128 type barcode scans.

Activator events for TouchID

"Long Touch" and "Double Touch" on bio sensor.

StatusFlow (wip)

Realtime spectrum analyser widget for the StatusBar. (+more)

LockFaces (wip)

In development.

IconMaker (wip)

Create your own icons for WinterBoard or whatever.

"BokehDots" (wip)

Create your own custom Dynamic Wallpapers for iOS 7.

Settings8 (wip)

iOS 8 style Settings App.

WeeStats (iOS 5)

System meters in the Notification Center..

Retinasizer (iOS 5)

Forces OpenGL apps/games to render in Retina resolution..

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